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Our tailored approach to executive search — coupled with our experience result in delivering the right candidates into your company.

We welcome you to Dunlavy & Associates. We are recognized for our executive placements and candidates that represent core human values and leadership traits.

We look forward to assisting your company forward and ensuring your business continued success.


Karlen Dunlavy

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  • Company Philosophy

    The foundation of our philosophy is built on trust.

    We view Dunlavy & Associates as an extension of your company where we have a drive and desire to help you ensure success.

  • Robust Candidates

    Candidates are not created equal. Business requirements are vast; however true human leadership and guided values are hard to find.

    Dunlavy & Associates prides itself on delivering candidates that are genuine and sincere to themselves and to the business that they will serve.

  • Commitment

    We are not only driven to fill the open position, we are committed to help your company prosper by finding the best match. Our candidate analysis leads to a short-list of candidates from the very beginning to help you build and to efficiently conduct your business.

  • Integrity


    Business Acumen


    Drive for Results

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May 13

Core Human Values

Posted by: bdunlavy | Comment (2)

Many characteristics of a business can attribute to success.  We believe the most important business attribute is business built on solid moral and ethical values.

Sep 10

Are you hiring a 50/50 Employee?

Posted by: bdunlavy | Comment (0)
Tagged in: User Blogs , Front Page , Business

Hiring an employee requires a significant investment both in time and money.  Ensuring a potential employee aligns with your company’s culture and business is often limited to traditional recruiting tools.  In order to improve hiring decisions and to maximize your company’s financial performance better methods are required. Business success is highly dependent on having the right people, in the right position; at the right time.

Apr 18

Prevent Startup Excitement from Translating to Frustration

Posted by: bdunlavy | Comment (3)
Tagged in: User Blogs , Front Page , Business

Startup excitement may translate to frustration.  A startup has so many balls in the air; often they get enamored with the offer from over eager recruiters telling them they how they can help. The startup needs and wants to move fast so the answer is generally yes, resulting in lots of resumes and interviews.  Too often unqualified talent is delivered and the startup incurs lose of precious cycles that should be devoted to growing the business.


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What is the main reason you use executive search services?



Business success is highly dependent on having the right people, in the right position, at the right time.  An open position can cause many detrimental situations; from impaired customer relations, operational inefficiencies, to revenue losses.  Staffing an open position requires significant thought and effort to ensure the right match for your company’s culture and business. 

A profitable business stems from employees and a well built management team.

We believe top candidates:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction as a top priority
  • Put aside personal agendas to ensure the interests of the company
  • Know how to motivate and achieve the best work from company resources
  • Continually learn and improve their leadership and specialized skill sets
  • Adhere to high levels of trust and integrity
  • Respect others at all levels of the organization
  • Understand quality and efficiency of action


World Class Talent


Candidates are plentiful due to adverse economic condition and talent seems available.  However, finding a future employee or officer for your company has become more difficult.  Electronic search engines and resumes referred by friends and colleagues provide endless choices.  Finding a candidate suited for your business based on your exact needs and requirements cannot be ferreted easily.  Having top candidates that are qualified, pre-screened, and chosen without bias will expedite business decisions.   

Our candidates are selected from multiple sources and evaluated using specialized tools.  We understand how to deliver talent that exhibit proven performance, preferred leadership traits and execute natural workplace behavior.



D&A Solution

dna_fillDunlavy & Associates believe that a position should not be simply filled, rather it should be bolstered with top talent.  Candidates are not created equal.   We strive to deliver candidates with intrinsic leadership and human values -- not just words on a resume.  Our candidates are genuine to their inner core and are sincere to themselves and the business in which they will serve.  Do you think a special skill is required to find World Class talent?  Call us today 734.418.0177